Certificate number 2- The big breath!

Breath Control and submerging the face- Being able to take a big breath sounds simple however for many young children and indeed nervous adults, this is not always the case. Our learner needs to be able to take the biggest inward breath they can and then close their lips to hold their breath for just a few seconds. This inward breath should not make a squeaking or creaking sound. If it does they will fail to get the big breath!

 Why?- Learning to float and indeed swim is a far easier process when the learner has taken a huge breath. There are two reasons for this. Firstly when the learner submerges their face into the water they are less likely to panic or become nervous for the short duration of the practise. Most learners who swallow water and cough during this stage do so because they have not had a big breath, they then experience panic and as a result gasp when still under water and hence water is swallowed. Secondly, this big breath will increase the body’s ability to float as increased oxygen levels provide an increased level of buoyancy.

The criteria for achieving certificate number 2

 For safety, shallow water is needed and if the learner is a child or vulnerable adult then it is essential that they are supervised at all times. Sit the learner in a comfortable position, maybe on roman style entry steps into the shallow end of a pool or even sit or kneel them down in the bath. Encourage the learner to take their big inward breath in a calm and controlled manner and then remind them to close their lips. They are then ready to gently lean forwards and lower their face into the water. It is important that for this stage the learner does not blow out into the water but rather holds on to their breath. A few seconds of this is more than ample and it is important that the learner understands that they can lift their head and end the practise as soon as they wish. As their confidence grows they will keep their face in for longer but I would never recommend giving a ‘target’ time, simply watch the practise get longer as their confidence increases.

 Once you are happy that your child has met this criteria you may print off certificate number 2. Click below.

Award 2 – huge breath !LearnToSwimAward2ThumbNail