Learn to Swim by Benjamin Roberts

A wonderfully illustrated book aiming to help parents learn how to teach their children to swim. Teaching your Child to swim will I assure you be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do! With the help of the book, it is much easier than you would imagine.
In his book ‘Learn to Swim’, Benjamin Roberts shares his vast experience and understanding of teaching children to swim, with you, the parent in a simple to follow reader friendly book with wonderful illustrations. Teaching a child to swim is something any parent can do if given the knowledge to do so. Well this book will give you the knowledge! It will also do it in a fun and enjoyable way and will give you a sense of achievement that will remain with you for ever.

Customer Reviews

Great How To Guide

Teaching your child to swim is a big commitment and of all the books I have read on the subject this is one of the best. The instructions are clear and the pictures are helpful. It is a great starting point for swimming lessons.

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Very Helpful

There are many swimming guides out there but so many of them rely on using flotation devices instead of letting children find their natural buoyancy in the water. It is obvious this author knows what he is talking about and I was able to teach my child the basics of swimming before having to spend too much money on lessons.

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Excellent, I found this an easy book to read with lots of great illustrations and original ideas to help anyone trying to teach their kids to swim.
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Highly Recommend!!!

This e-book is amazing! Every child in life should have the chance to learn to swim and personally I agree with the author that there is nothing is more rewarding than watching a child learn a life skill, which could potentially save their life. If your a parent, grandparent, auntie, uncle, cousin and you want to teach a child to swim this book gives you complete confidence to turn a non swimmer into a confident, happy swimmer! The authors experience shines throughout each stage in this well written e-book. I’ve shown parents and family and through reading this e-book they would all feel confident with their newly acquired knowledge to teach their children – and now so do I! A very practical, well thought and informative read. By reading this review I hope you purchase this e-book and gain the knowledge to teach a child to swim and provide them with a skill for life!

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Excellent book

Excellent book, easy to understand. Really helped me to get to grips with teaching my daughter. Gave me the confidence that I needed. Lots of quirky illustrations. If you don’t have money for swimming lessons or just want to top up your child’s swimming experience then this book is a must.
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Made me a better swimmer too

Ben taught our two eldest boys, when they were young and was a great swimming instructor and great guy. He was busy when we had our third son, so was unable to get lessons with Ben at the time. I discovered Ben's Ebook and bought the first lesson, i'm not a very good swimmer myself, so was dubious about whether i could teach our son, but gave it a go. I started following the instructions and it started to work, i felt proud that now i taught my boy to swim and it also made me a better swimmer too. Well worth the small amount of money!!!

John Roberts
John Roberts drum Tutor

Fantastic Book

A great easy to follow book, very helpful, love the illustrations.



Tried this as I couldn't afford swimming lessons for my daughter. Easy to follow and gave me the confidence that I was teaching her the correct way. Can't recommend it enough. Thanks Mr Roberts for a wonderful tool!

Love this book
A Happy Parent

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