learn to swim by benjamin roberts learn to swim by benjamin roberts learn to swim by benjamin roberts
What is the idea behind theswimmingteacher.com and what are its aims?

It’s quite simple. I’ve written a book aimed at parents who wish to learn how to teach their children to swim. I’ve broken down the key principles, kept it simple and made it not only easy to follow but something both you and your child will enjoy. It’s a DIY project!

I’ve been a swimming instructor for over seventeen years and realised quite a few years ago that for a variety of reasons there are lots of parents who either wish to teach their own children to swim or at least would like to be able to help in the learning process by practising in between formal lessons with an instructor. The idea to write a book aimed specifically at helping parents to teach their own children to swim came to me when I was working as a life guard many years ago. I would see countless Mums and Dads putting so much effort into teaching their children to swim but sadly as they did not quite understand the key principles, the process usually fell apart and the parents would then hire the services of a swimming instructor. If I can say clearly at this point, the aim of the book is not to put swimming teachers out of a job! After all I am still an instructor myself! Rather the aim of the book is to help those parents who are looking for guidance in order to teach their children to swim. After all lots of parents enjoy the challenge of teaching their children to do things and teaching your own child too swim would be an wonderful yet realistic target.

Is it for you?

There’s lots to look at on the site which will hopefully help you make up your mind and you can go on your e-readers and tablets and read more about the book as well as customers reviews. If your child is nervous of the water I’d recommend looking at the free downloadable certificate section on the website. There are three basic stages to pass and a lovely free reward certificate once you deem that the goals for each stage has been achieved and you then simply download it and print it yourself. These stages are the most basic but equally are the foundation of the whole process. This is why I’ve decided to keep them free for any visitor.