Testimonials from parents of pupils that Ben has taught.

Brilliant teacher

Ben has been teaching my two children for 18 months ,- we previously came from another club. What a difference- I just wish we had started with Ben many years ago and feel that we had many wasted years with the other club ! Ben is so patient and so encouraging and has a calm nature with the children. He gives advice and tells us as parents how they are progressing, giving tips to improve. Dafydd and Nia love him and says he is fun ! We think he's fantastic !

Lisa Powell

Thank you Ben

Our daughter started swimming lessons as a petrified 3 year old. she would not go in the water or use inflatables. Ben's patience and true professionalism as a teacher engaged her and now she is a confident and competent swimmer. people often comment on our AJ's brilliant swimming and we always let them know it is down to her instructor. Thank you Ben we feel you have invested in giving our child the most vital life skill.

Cheryl John

Fantastic teacher

Ben taught both my girls to swim! His patience, kindness and obvious enjoyment at working with children made lessons for the children not only enjoyable but very effective.

I'd recommend Ben as a teacher to anyone.

Ceri Davies

I cannot praise him highly enough

Ben has been teaching my children for about 5 years now and I cannot praise him highly enough. He concentrates on technique for each stroke as opposed to distance achieved initially. When you see children from his classes swimming alongside other children, they really stand out.
He is extremely patient and really works on the child's confidence in the water. His lessons are calm without any shouting, but he has full control of the class with the addition of good humour.

Ann Griffiths

Amazing Teacher

Ben has been teaching my son for the last two years, following numerous recommendations from other parents. His teaching expertise and attitude are both consistently excellent. He has a warm, fun loving nature, which children immediately respond too very well. Ben's patience and perseverance with individuals to ensure they succeed, is a huge strength of his. The main focus of any lesson is to allow children time to build up the confidence, skills and techniques required to become strong, competent swimmers. We cannot recommend Ben highly enough to other parents. Thank you Ben

Tyrone Pope

Lovely Teacher

My daughter had been swimming for a couple of years with a lovely teacher previous to finding Ben. He had been recommended by numerous fellow parents, all raving about him at the school gates. I took my little girl along to see what all the fuss was about and have never looked back. He is an extremely effective and patient teacher. He manages to teach technique and safely while engaging with the children perfectly. My daughter would not want to be taught by anyone else and neither would I want her to be. Thank you Ben.

Laura Davis

An Inspiration!

As a teacher I have had the pleasure of watching Ben teach both in the classroom and in the swimming pool.

Ben has such a lovely, calming personality that his students, young and old, always leave his lessons with a smile. Despite being a swimmer for longer than he'd like to admit, Ben has not forgotten how overwhelming swimming can be for first timers and those that lack confidence in the water. His instructions are clear and concise with no exercise rushed.

My wife has been terrified of the water her entire life. After only two lessons with Ben, I can't get her out of the water! He has literally changed her life!

Thank you and all the best!

Michael Hackman

Thanks Ben

Ben taught my eldest son aged 5 to swim. We tried group lessons but found that the concentration level at that age was not conducive to being in a group and spending most of the time sitting on the side. We found Ben and got some one to one lessons and within a couple of weeks he had achieved his first badge. Ben has a great nature with kids and really understands how they tick - getting into the water and making small achievable goals and making sure the session ends with a bit of fun! We have since move areas so cannot use Ben's expertise in person so his book is now a perfect replacement.
Thanks Ben

Karen sharpe

Ben is an excellent instructor

My 10 year old son Daniel has been swimming with Ben Roberts for the last 5 years. Ben is an excellent instructor . Daniel is an excellent swimmer thanks to Ben . Daniel has had fantastic comments from his school swimming instructor regarding Daniel's excellent technique. My other son Matthew is 6 years old and has been having lessons with Ben for the last 2 years. Ben has shown great patience with Matthew as he is not a natural swimmer and gets distracted easily. Ben has found different ways to get Matthew to swim with confidence. If you are not as lucky as us to have swimming lessons with Ben then I highly recommend buying his book to enable your children to have the same experience as mine have and become confident swimmers with an excellent technique that will most definatly get noticed by their peers and teachers.

Natalie O'Dell

Fantastic swimming instructor

Ben is a fantastic swimming instructor. He currently teaches both my boys. He's very patient and has a great way of explaining things to the kids so that they understand what he means.

G Ayres

Fab Swimming Instructor

I think Ben is an absolute fab swimming instructor. He taught my 2 oldest children to swim now he is teaching my 2 younger children to swim. He's very patient and understanding towards the children. I have a lot of time for him so do my children. I think that’s why he is so well respected by everyone. 

t downes